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Salaam Ul-Muslimiyn Inc based USA, Ghana, Jamaica, New York, is a global nonprofit organization that is dedicated to helping people help themselves. Our Muslim charity helps poor and homeless orphans with food, shelter, and clothing with help from all over the world, including the United States, Africa, Mexico, Indonesia, and Malaysia. The corporate office is in Ozone Park, New York, although we also have locations in Albany and Cleveland.

At our organization, we do everything with a hands-on approach by going directly to where the help is needed. We put all of our donations towards furthering our mission of helping Muslim orphans or poor Muslims internationally. Our work does not go unnoticed as people appreciate how our help has benefitted and assisted these precious members of our world.

Muslims all over the globe should wake up and begin to assist those who are in need instead of trying to support the ways of the Shayatin.



Islamic online radio setup to help orphans and needy children in Africa and around the world. powered by Salaam Ul Muslimiyn Inc.

USA Tel. # 718-835-2732

Salaam Ul-Muslimiyn, Inc 75-13 101 Ave Ozone Park, NY 11416 (718) 835-2732